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July 11, 2019

Chippewa Lake remains open for normal recreational activities.

June 28, 2019

Chippewa Lake Reopened to the Public

Chippewa Lake has been reopened following water testing by the Medina County Health Department that shows levels of E. coli bacteria present in the lake are within an acceptable range for public safety.

Per United States Environmental Protection Agency standards, the single sample maximum for E. coli bacteria content is 235 colony forming units (cfu) per 100mL of water tested. Test results released today from water samples taken at three sites on June 26 found the levels of E. coli listed below. Measurements are reported in most probable number (mpn) per 100mL, which is statistically equivalent to colony forming units.

Chippewa Lake Beach: 125 mpn

Gloria Glens Beach: 28 mpn

Public Boat Ramp: 42 mpn

For information on E. coli and public safety, please visit the Ohio Department of Health website at

Chippewa Lake was closed June 16 after heavy rainfall caused widespread flooding within the watershed. In keeping with a longstanding safety protocol implemented by the villages of Chippewa Lake and Gloria Glens, the Medina County Health Department, Medina County Sanitary Engineer, and the park district, the lake remained closed after the flood event until testing for the presence of E. coli bacteria could be completed.

In addition, Medina County Park District continues to monitor Chippewa Lake water conditions due to a harmful algal bloom. Test results from water samples taken on June 25 found algal toxin levels of less than 0.13 parts per billion. Because two consecutive samples taken at least one week apart show levels below a threshold of 6 ppb, a Recreational Public Health Advisory has been lifted. All normal boating, swimming and recreational activities may resume.

Medina County Park District follows Ohio’s Harmful Algal Bloom Response Strategy for Recreational Waters. For information on harmful algal blooms, please visit To keep up to date on Chippewa Lake water conditions, please follow the park district on social media or contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to sign up for email alerts.

June 25: <0.13 ppb -- All Advisories Lifted
June 11: 3.15 ppb--Recreational Public Health Advisory Remains
June 4: 10.5 ppb--Recreational Public Health Advisory Remains
May 28: 13.6 ppb--Recreational Public Health Advisory Issued
May 21: 16.1 ppb--Elevated Recreational Health Advisory Remains
May 14: 21.8 ppb--Elevated Recreational Health Advisory Issued
May 7: 17.8 ppb--Recreational Public Health Advisory Remains
April 30: 9.49 ppb--Recreational Public Health Advisory Issued
April 22: 5.74 ppb--No advisories in place
March 19: <0.14 ppb--No advisories in place
February 19: <0.14 ppb--No advisories in place
January 22: <0.14 ppb--No advisories in place
For more information on algal blooms, visit and

Warning Flag System in Place at Chippewa Lake

The warning flag system alerts boaters and swimmers to water conditions at Chippewa Lake due to harmful algal blooms or other safety concerns.

flag warning color graphic