Buckeye Woods Park/Schleman Nature Preserve/Chippewa Inlet Trail

6335 Wedgewood Road
Medina, OH 44256

Located on Route 162 in Lafayette Township, .5-miles east of Route 42

GPS Coordinates for Buckeye Woods
Deerview Lane Entrance: 
North: 41 06' 08.376
West: 081 54' 40.242

Rt. 162 Entrance
North: 41° 05' 57.498
West: 081 55' 00.774

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Buckeye Woods Park - 392 acres
Large Lake Loop (.5 mile – paved)  
Wetland Loop (.8 mile – aggregate)  
Schleman Nature Preserve included in Buckeye Woods Park acreage  
Yellow Trail (1 mile – natural)  
Green Trail (1.5 mile – natural)  
Chippewa Inlet Trail from south of Rt. 162 - 434 acres
Inlet Trail (2.9 miles–from Chippewa Rd. to Buckeye Woods Park is paved; the rest is aggregate)  
3-acre pond
 75-acre wetland





GPS Coordinates for Schleman Nature Preserve
6701 Wedgewood Road, Medina
North: 41° 05' 57.492, West: 081 55' 48.150

Chippewa Inlet Trail South
6105 Chippewa Road, Medina

North: 41°4'36.66, West: 81°54'34.61"

Chippewa Inlet Trail North
5803 Lafayette Road, Medina

North: 41° 6'56.09, West: 81°55'15.45

Buckeye Woods Park is the largest park in the system. Named for the grove of Buckeye trees found along the stream in the Schleman Nature Preserve, the park provides a variety of experiences for visitors.

The east side of the park is the setting for soccer and softball fields available for use by reservation. A picnic shelter is also available for reservation at the park. Picnic tables and grills are provided for individual family picnics. A three-acre pond offers opportunities for fishing. A paved, accessible path provides a great place to walk for exercise or enjoyment as you circle the pond and wooded areas of the park. There are two playgrounds at Buckeye Woods Park.

Cross the bridge from Buckeye Woods Park and enter the Schleman Nature Preserve to walk wooded nature trails. Named for the family that donated the original acreage, this site will remain undeveloped for the enjoyment of nature and wildlife viewing in accordance with the family's wishes.

The Chippewa Inlet Trail is a 2.95-mile long asphalt and crushed-limestone trail. The trail runs from State Route 42 in Lafayette Township, through Buckeye Woods Park, across State Route 162, to Chippewa Road. From upland pine stands to wet woods and restored wetlands, this trail has a variety of interesting habitats for users to experience. The trail loops around a wetland restoration project on the north side of the park.

Buckeye Woods Park/Schleman Nature Preserve/Chippewa Inlet Trail Activities/Amenities

Anyone 16 years or older must possess a valid fishing license while fishing at the Chippewa Inlet.