Become a Volunteer

Ongoing Volunteer Opportunities
Volunteers are an integral part of Medina County Park District. They contribute time, energy, knowledge, and skills to enhance many of the programs and events offered and help keep the parks clean and safe for everyone to enjoy.   There are many volunteer opportunities to fit your passion for the parks.

Please note: At this time, we are not accepting any new applications for individual volunteers. We will resume that process in August 2024.

Group and One-time Volunteer Opportunities
Are you interested in donating your time and talents to Medina County Park District but don’t want to make a long-term commitment?  The park district offers group and one-time volunteer opportunities for those seeking to give back to the community.  Projects vary by season and need from park staff. Below is a list of projects that groups or individuals have helped with in the past. If you are interested, please contact the volunteer coordinator to ask about available opportunities within the parks.

Independent Park Cleanup
Park cleanups offer great flexibility in scheduling your group. Your group leaders will be in charge of facilitating your group with instructions provided by park district staff.  You may perform your cleanup at any of the parks during posted hours. Your help is needed to ensure that this protected land is free of litter and debris that could threaten plants and wildlife. Cleanups involve picking up litter along the trails, ponds, and pavilions; moving small sticks or branches off trails; and alerting park staff to any maintenance issues. 

Invasive Species
Help remove invasive plant species in the parks during regularly scheduled pulls in the early spring months.  If left untreated, invasive plant species can take over areas in less than ten years, changing the dynamic of ecosystems, and creating an unbalanced food chain with detrimental affects to native plant and wildlife species.

Tree/Seed Plantings
Natural resources staff enlists the help of volunteer groups with plantings in various parks.  Numerous acres within the park district have benefited from volunteer tree/seed plantings, and the park district hopes to continue planting native species with the help of group volunteers.

In addition to the above projects, groups have assisted park staff with trail maintenance and construction, building of bridges, and adoption of a garden and/or wildlife habitat station. 

For questions about volunteer opportunities or the volunteer program, please contact the Volunteer Coordinator Judy Soroczak at (330) 239-4814 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..