Medina County Park District Programs and Activities

In an effort to keep park staff, volunteers, and our extended family members safe from COVID-19 and its variants, masks are required for everyone (vaccinated and unvaccinated) entering Oenslager Nature Center, Susan Hambley Nature Center, and Park District Headquarters through 2/27/22. Masks are optional outdoors in our parks and at public programs that take place outside. At indoor public programs and events, masks are required for everyone regardless of vaccination status.

Online Program Registration

This registration feature allows users to search for programs by date, age, category, or location. Users can register for programs 24 hours a day via the website. An email address, in addition to contact information, is all that is needed. If you do not have an email address, you can still call the park office to register for a program at (330) 722-9364 or (844) 722-9364. Not all programs are pet-friendly. Unless otherwise noted, pets are not permitted at park programs. Registrations cannot be accepted via email. 

Program Cancellation Information
To find out if a program has been cancelled due to weather, or any other reason, call the park district's program cancellation hotline at (330) 239-3305 to hear a recorded message. Notification of program cancellations will be made no less than two hours before a scheduled program when possible. If you would like to cancel a reservation you made in one of our programs, please call the park office at (330)722-9364.

WINTER GUIDELINES: Programs will be cancelled if a level two or three road emergency warning is issued by the Medina County Sheriff's Department. These warnings could be issued within the "two-hour prior to program" cancellation window.


    Programs and Registration